“Iqra and Yasir’s proposal dances in a wild circle of unbroken felicitously greetings and slagging, round-the-clock”


Gohar Rasheed clearly sums up what has been constantly revolving on the Social Media platform of Pakistan since 18th LSA awards ceremony which took place on 7 July, 2019.

Needless to mention, one of the weighty highlights was the Yasir Hussain’s proposal to actress Iqra Aziz. Yasir Hussain proposed the actress and she said ‘YES!!’, the moment which really attracted and invited a gale of diffusing felicitously greetings and a pile of criticism.

lets venture into the actual picture.

People have been talking constantly about this proposal, which is characterized by YASIR KISSING IQRA’S CHEEKS OR ON NECK, specifically pivoted on either religious criticism, cultural criticism, or some are flooring it to the marketing or publicity strategies. Indeed the criticism is swaying in a coalition manner.

According to some people, it’s entirely Haraam for Yasir to kiss Iqra until their relationship actually gets shaped into Islamic way, that’s Nikkah.

Yeah, rightly so. There are no second thoughts to this criticism under the hindsight of Islam.

But some are venturing it too forward with, which I might call breaking into someone personal’s beliefs regarding religion.

Cultural apologists aren’t shy of picking on this weird act of kissing.

Cultural upholders claim the battle with their opinions circulating that Yasir and Iqra have back-stabbed our unique Eastern or Islamic culture with the breeze of Western culture by kissing without Nikkah and so publicly.

Cultural upholders are also seem to be justified in their claims, rightly so.

Or some has hilariously put the guns on the shoulders of PM IMRAN KHAN and targeted the situation.


Meanwhile in this crowd of twirling criticism, some of the celebrities have also congratulated the newly couple on their engagement and have asked fans to stop bringing the state of opprobrium for the couple over wishing them good-luck.

Hamza Ali Abassi steps in this situation of strife quoting or referring some Islamic knowledge.

Have a glance on it!


It’s not ended yet!

Have my own take-on:

I myself, to-be-honest, would never floor any kind of criticism in this matter.

To me, every kind of criticism seems fair and demanding either it’s of religious nature or of cultural nature.

As we all know, we all are living in a world which have the obsession to mimic the West. It’d be a plain lie to deny!

As the time has evolved, we’ve come so close to western society through mimeographs of their clothing, lifestyle, entertainment etc. We’ve became so close to it, that once what was called the ‘bug’ will soon turn itself into a ‘feature.’ This ‘western bug’, I don’t know whether to blame it on media, masses, celebrities mentalities to feel insecure while frankly copying West or to weigh it on the wings of time which I mostly claim that none of us is wrong, because it’s just a demand of time. We all are on the knees in front of time and social evolutions.

So, in short, when such things have become the norms in our daily life then we certainly don’t hold the warrant to criticize others.

P.S: I don’t mean to slander Western concepts as I myself have followed a lot of Western terminologies and find them really productive.

While we, ourselves as a majority, are leaning or tucking in this trap, it’d be a bit harsh to put comments on someone doing it.

Aight! Now get ourselves on religious grounds.

Yes! They deserve to be criticized religiously but let’s not bash or judge them on their personal beliefs regarding religion. It’s entirely none of our business in this busy world. Everyone knows how to tread while accompanying his religion.

These are the points to me, where this all swaying criticism gets lurked and gets a bit unfair.

Hold on my opinions haven’t broken up yet!!

Let’s talk about celebrities.

To a sports fanatic like me, they might not be as important as role models they’re to other people who follow them massively. But it’d be very gross to say that they’re not the integral components of our society.

People do idolise them in many aspects of life and try to carbon copy them. Not sure about other nations but as far as I’ve observed, Pakistanis do.

Being the central figures of society, they share the ample burden of representing Pakistan, it’s culture, religion, beyond their duties of just appearing on screens. They need to understand this duty and they need to rectify it where they’ve been taking it wrong either it’s on some nature of ‘dressing’, ‘clothing’ or it’s based on some ideological platform.

After all, I want to wish both Iqra and Yasir a hearty congratulations and wish them a best luck despite holding my opinion that this was all planned and a merely a publicity stunt.

But let’s not being too edgy that it ends up irritating the newly engaged couple on their auspicious moment. ❤

Thank you!

One thought on ““Iqra and Yasir’s proposal dances in a wild circle of unbroken felicitously greetings and slagging, round-the-clock”

  1. Wallah this is one of the best article i have ever seen in my short existence!

    Scenes when that guy doesn’t marry the girl or they break up even after proposing like that on live TV. (i hope they don’t)

    Pakis will be so trigger lmaooo

    Anyway i don’t even care about these two wannabe celeb’s ( swear to God i didn’t even know who they were before this “incident”)

    All i care is about this article and after reading this masterpiece, i think it’s just a matter of time before a big website tries to hire you to write for them

    You’re a generational talent fam! keep it up 👏

    Liked by 1 person

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